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Solid wood floor renovation

After three years of solid wood flooring , it will become obsolete . Some consumers take into account the economic and livability, will choose to renovate the old flooring . Refurbished wood flooring not only reduces the huge expenditure , while the old wooden floor stability, much less deformation cracking maintenance. Most importantly , solid wood flooring can be directly home renovation, will not have much impact on the consumer's daily life .

Solid wood flooring significantly outdated ? Home to renovate

Solid wood flooring Field renovation

If used for many years raised wood floors , open seams, paint, deformation occurs, it can be refurbished , the general use of wood flooring is recommended for five years to do a renovation outdoor decking floor.

According to the designer Hung Feng , deputy director of Kingsoft Dazhongsi shop decoration industry introduction, refurbished wood flooring can be carried out at home , the price is about 40 yuan / square meter.

Solid wood floor renovation just polished off the floor surface 1-2 mm , first with sandpaper of different thickness successive grinding , the problem is the floor surface are polished off , but also to ensure the surface smooth and delicate. Polished after their putty, keep the floor of the true nature and to ensure that the floor surface will not be scratched . Then paint brush , paint the paint dries the primer , then with water again after grinding sandpaper carefully drying the floor surface somewhat rough grinding to remove fines from the second level of the paint brush . This repeated six times after beating the whole floor wax to dry paint .

Recommendations back to the factory refurbished valuable timber plastic composite decking

Back to the factory floor will be removed after the renovation is shipped back to the factory , with a large floor renovation mechanical refurbishment . Floor renovation sure to use environmentally friendly water-based paint, to avoid the smell in the room. Paint must be dedicated paint, its durability to meet the requirements. In addition, shallow scratches on the floor , scratches , can surface after the floor is completely clean, mop applicator with special polish for repair. Raised floor damp conditions may be difficult to solve through renovation.

More standard process back on solid wood flooring factory refurbished , it will be the price of some expensive , plus extra 20-30 yuan per square meter costs of disassembly , refurbishment price of about 80-100 yuan / square meter. Joe Joe's real Beijing VEI Engineering Co. manager , whether to choose back to the factory refurbished luxury consumers visualize the extent of timber may be, if only pine, fir , ash and other home renovation can ; If teak , red sandalwood and other valuable timber , recommendations back to the factory refurbished.


Non- wood flooring is not recommended renovation

Non- wood floor renovation is generally not recommended , because the inner layer is a non- solid wood floor board or particleboard material compression , according to the method of solid wood flooring renovation , when the surface is polished , it is easy to grind wood scum hiding inside wpc decking price.

Currently there is a floor surface treatment material , the surface of non- wood flooring renovation deal directly , the price is about 15-20 yuan / square meter , renovation time 1-2 days , the floor of the renovated guaranteed not appear within a year problems.

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