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Emphasis on providing quality of life improvements of health knowledge

With the improvement of quality of life and housing conditions improve , people increasingly pay attention to home decoration , the decoration and renovation grade levels have higher pursuit, but it also brings some new problems . Due to a wide variety of decorative materials , Ling Lang everywhere , some of shoddy products, especially harmful products into the market . Coupled with environmental awareness is not strong , in the blind pursuit of beautiful decorated rooms , the grade, the expense of environmental quality requirements , to make room subject to certain pollution. Light adverse reactions discomfort ; severe cases lead to disease. For these reasons, how to prevent pollution and harm caused by home decoration has become a problem worthy of our attention outdoor deck.

1. bedroom decoration pollution prevention and harm caused

( 1 ) raise awareness of green decoration , creating a healthy environment

Green renovation is to beautify the living room , while the room should be conducive to the protection of the environment and health. Bedroom decoration to raise awareness of green decoration , avoid blind comparisons , decorative materials do not think the better , the higher the better grade materials , decoration bigger the better , the room pretend to be too complicated , while ignoring the extent of harm decorative materials not only costly , but also affect the indoor environment , harmful to health. I believe that the bedroom decoration should be simple but elegant - simple, elegant , very warm ; comfortable - functional , easy to use , very practical ; safe - use non-toxic, harmless , healthy decoration materials , it is assured . Through green decoration , creating an elegant, comfortable , healthy and safe living environment so that you and your family to share the joy and happiness , this is the best result composite decking price.

2 , to improve the level of finished goods of home decoration , reduce environmental pollution

When home decoration , try to improve the degree of the finished product , to buy or order finished doors , windows, cabinets, can reduce packet windows, doors, cabinets and other field operations . Not only can reduce priming paint contamination during solvent evaporation , while also shortening the renovation period , it is easy to ensure the quality .

3 , strengthening the room ventilation , distribution of harmful gases

After completion of the project room decoration , do not stay away, timely ventilation , distribute indoor harmful gas, no irritating odor to be indoors or adverse reactions when re-admitted , both will stay later , we must pay attention to maintaining good ventilation in order to reduce harmful substances in the body adverse effects composite deck floor.

4 , planting greenery , reduce the concentration of harmful gases

Indoor planting ivy , cold flowers, spider plants and other green plants , not only for viewing, but the air can absorb carbon monoxide , carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and other harmful gases, favorable health.

5, the installation of air cleaning devices , to improve air quality

It is understood that the oxidative decomposition of ozone detoxification machines air formaldehyde , benzene and homologues, ammonia from decorative materials, furniture and household items harmful chemical gases , can purify the air , healthy.

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