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Weapon mansion net household dust coup spring

 I do not know noticing spring has quietly. Spring is infinitely good, but this hateful haze, hateful wind, sprang from time to time, the invasion of neat that you married, you are destroying the good mood. In fact, household dust also has a small coup.

Suede sofa dust Act

Law suede sofa suede sofa dust easily absorb dust, the dust swept down, just move the dust, and not clean, it will again fall on the sofa and furniture above. How to do everyday cleaning it? Prepare a towel, soaked with water, then wring. Laying on the couch, with a stick gently pat the sofa, pop adsorbed on the dust on a wet towel. Take the towels clean, holes on the sofa, so that repeated flapping, dust on the sofa was told to leave.

Weapon mansion net household dust coup spring

    Whether wood or tile floors, a spring, a thin layer of dust windows that do not open the window and easy to damp indoor endophytes, headache. Cleaning indoor floor, no coup, said the hand select mop is the best choice in this small series Walkman line topology friendship recommend rotating mop. This section mop with two rollers, can carry mop, red rinse the toilet without running back and forth, it is very convenient. And then, using microfiber mop head made, dehydration clean, wooden floors and floor tiles for both apply. With it, afraid of the big room, not afraid of wind, clean surface easy to get.

Dust decorative painting method

Clean home decorative painting method often hang paintings on canvas and framed in glass into the frame of the painting. If you clean canvas, do not use a damp cloth to wipe with a damp duster is not good. Only with a duster or a clean, dry cloth and gently wiped the top surface dust; If it is set in a glass box paintings, frames can only wipe with a dry cloth, the color of the frame so as to maintain unchanged. Glass can use a slightly damp cloth to wipe it again with a dry cloth to wipe it again.

White lacquered furniture dirty stain removal method

White lacquered furniture, slightly yellowed over time, and dirty place is very obvious. It is not easy to wipe with a damp cloth to wipe clean. The following method is environmentally friendly and very effective. This cleanser is the toothpaste we use every day, put toothpaste on a dry cloth, furniture dirty place, wipe in a circular motion, you will clearly see that this is the place to rub white. Toothpaste can be said is an advanced cleanser, it will not damage furniture, cleaning effect is also very good.

Weapon mansion net household dust coup spring

Master cleaning tips, easy effort to get home hygiene, open the windows to greet the spring, no longer afraid of sandstorm struck.

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